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About us

Specific proportions, or number ratios, seem to recur in many things seen as "beautiful" in the world such as the proportions found in the design of Greek temples, or Leonardo's famous work, The Vitruvian Man .. or even within the spiral patterns found on seashells. The numbers 3-5-8 are among the first in the Fibonacci series, a number sequence that these proportions are based on, and are a fitting symbol for our design studio.  Our goal is to design in the spirit and harmony of these natural principles and to carefully balance beauty and practicality in every work!

358 Design Studio LLC's design philosophy is also centered on client service, high quality design, and cost effective solutions for each unique project. In order to achieve a high level of design, the design process begins with attentively listening to and creatively engaging the client in order to understand their needs and goals. 358 Design Studio LLC's role is then to lead and inspire so that the best design solution may be chosen to suit the client's needs and goals. Throughout this process of back and forth dialogue, 358 Design Studio LLC constantly balances functionality, aesthetics and budget in order to provide the best use of space, material and resources for the project.  

Our Team.

Principal Architect

Tel: 703-855-3531

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