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Custom Homes.

Custom Home  •  North Arlington, Virginia

Our goal in each design, including the design of this 6000 sf custom home in Arlington, is to:

1) maximize the available space a site has to offer  2) balance the need for intimate and private spaces with more open common areas for everyday living and 3) take advantage of what the site and environment has to offer in shaping the spaces of the house, including introducing natural light into the heart of the house as shown in the image below. 

P1030042 - rev 2.jpg
Custom Home •  Vienna, Virginia

This 5,200 sf custom home balances the elegant simplicity of contemporary design with traditional craftsman features common to the area.  Occupying a corner lot with high visibility and close proximity to downtown Vienna, it was a primary goal to not only make the best use of space for all of the owners' needs but also to design a house with curb appeal that fit into the overall values of an up-and-coming neighborhood.  

Custom Home  •  South Arlington, Virginia

With a deep slope on its approach and significant drop towards the rear of the property, the site of this 5,300 custom house did make it difficult to address all the wishes and needs of the client on one level.  However, through a careful analysis of site grading along with the position and shape of the house, the new design both accommodates the accessibility for future family while providing both private and more open common space in the rear (with a view!) for most daily activities. 

In addition to helping visualize a floor plan that not only met the owner's needs but offered several alternative approaches, we carefully proportioned the exterior massing of the house to offer a unique approach within the language of regional style.  Through a creative process of 3D modeling we looked at various options for the house's massing and proportions.  In the end, we arrived at a design that appealed to the owners on each side of the house, that includes a mix of materials, elegant detailing consistent throughout, and well proportioned windows openings that work well both on the exterior and the interior.



IMG_3537 rev.jpg
Custom Home  •  Outside Annapolis, Maryland

Working with the builder for this 3500 sf water-front house, our goal was to maximize the value of the existing 1500 sf property by expanding the existing footprint towards the road, the only direction possible due to site constraints and setbacks. Within, we worked to maximize the open views of the water while creating open flowing spaces around the living areas towards the rear.


Site Images (4-2-A).png
Custom Home  •  New Seabury, Massachusetts

This house welcomes visitors with "open arms," or two wings that create a private and intimate entrance. The division of space in the house is partially in response to site conditions, but also creatively serves the owner's needs to simultaneously separate and connect various functions of the spaces within.


Additions and Remodels.

Home Addition and Interior Remodel   North Arlington, Virginia

This interior 1,500± sf remodel of and 300± sf home addition provided an updated sunroom, enlarged kitchen and second floor master suite with large open area, balcony and contemporary bathroom. 



Rear Home Addition and Interior Remodel   Alexandria, Virginia

This 800 sf addition and interior remodel includes both improvements to existing spaces but also an updated  and larger kitchen, family room, and master suite above. The addition's exterior is proportioned and detailed to compliment and enhance the existing houses, and a seamless blend respects the character of the origseamlessly between the two.


Stay In Touch.

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358 Design Studio LLC

Benjamin J Carstoiu - Principal Architect


Tel: 703-855-3531

Contemporary Addition
Saint Louis, Virginia

The contemporary appearance of this addition is a direct reflection of the spatial improvements and cost effective technology used for its construction. The introduction of Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) allowed the building shell to go up in 5 days through off-site precision cutting and tilt and lift construction on site.



Rear Home Addition and Interior Remodel,
South Arlington, Virginia

This 2,700 sf rear addition and interior remodel includes updates to the front, including a new porch and exterior siding.  All existing interior spaces were fully renovated as well to provide a consistent look throughout. Large new windows and an open plan allowed for much larger spaces for daily family activities.  The addition on the second floor includes a new master bedroom suite complete with vaulted ceilings while the remaining bedrooms were enlarged and reconfigured within the existing house. 


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